Guide to Cornwall's beaches

West Cornwall beaches

Map featuring West Cornwall beaches. Click on pins to view beach details

The beach guide has 40 beaches listed in West Cornwall.

  1. Bamaluz Beach

    Bamaluz Beach

    The remains of Wheal Dream tin mine overlook this quiet, sandy beach. Situated…

    dog friendly lifeguarded good surf
  2. Battery Rocks Beach

    Battery Rocks Beach

    Like the neigbouring Promenade beach, Battery Rocks beach only exists on lower…

    dog friendly
  3. Carbis Bay

    Carbis Bay

    Large sheltered sandy beach suitable for families with plenty of facilities…

    lifeguarded good surf
  4. Clodgy Point Beach

    Clodgy Point Beach

    The beach here gets its name from the headland that shelters it to the west,…

    dog friendly
  5. Cot Valley Beach

    Cot Valley Beach

    Two small beaches lie close to the end of the pretty Cot Valley and dogs are…

    dog friendly lifeguarded good surf
  6. Eastern Green Beach

    Eastern Green Beach

    Penzance's east beach starts at the appropriately named Station Rocks and follows…

    dog friendly
  7. Gurnards Head Beach

    Gurnards Head Beach

    Not an area for family beaches. Treen Cove is a short distance east of the…

    dog friendly
  8. Gwenver Beach

    Gwenver Beach

    Gwenver's name is derived from Gwynevere of Authurian legend and it does have…

    dog friendly lifeguarded good surf
  9. Keneggy Sands Beach

    Keneggy Sands Beach

    Secluded, sandy beach with difficult access. At low tide it's a reasonable…

    dog friendly lifeguarded good surf
  10. Lambeth Walk Beach

    Lambeth Walk Beach

    The oddly named Lambeth Walk beach is easily overlooked, despite being almost…

    dog friendly
  11. Lamorna Cove

    Lamorna Cove

    There is a small pebble beach below the quay at Lamorna Cove. Pleasant place…

  12. Longrock Beach

    Longrock Beach

    A safe family beach with sand and pebbles. Favoured with Penzance locals as…

    dog friendly lifeguarded good surf
  13. Marazion Beach

    Marazion Beach

    Despite being situated in front of the popular village of Marazion and having…

    lifeguarded good surf
  14. Mousehole Beach

    Mousehole Beach

    Whilst being one of the prettiest fishing villages in Cornwall Mousehole is…

    good surf
  15. Nanjizel Beach

    Nanjizel Beach

    Due to it's relative inaccessibility, Nanjizel has remained more or less untouched…

    dog friendly good surf
  16. Newlyn Beach

    Newlyn Beach

    This small beach on the edge of Newlyn is just past the fish market and quays.…

    dog friendly
  17. Newlyn Tolcarne Beach

    Newlyn Tolcarne Beach

    Mainly pebble beach with a little sand, immediately below Newlyn Green, and…

    dog friendly good surf
  18. Pedn Vounder Beach

    Pedn Vounder Beach

    One of Cornwall's best beaches with stunning cliffs of Treryn Dinas, crystal…

    dog friendly good surf
  19. Penberth Cove

    Penberth Cove

    Penberth Cove is still primarily a tiny fishing hamlet. There is a pebble beach.…

    dog friendly
  20. Penzance Promenade Beach

    Penzance Promenade Beach

    The beach in Penzance stretches for around a mile along the length of the Promenade.…

  21. Perranuthnoe Beach

    Perranuthnoe Beach

    Flat beach with sand except at high water. Cafe and car park. Good surfing…

    good surf
  22. Pisky Cove

    Pisky Cove

    A tiny isolated cove but no beach at high tide. Good for swimming and sunbathing…

    dog friendly
  23. Porthchapel Beach

    Porthchapel Beach

    Situated between Porthcurno and Porthgwarra and around three miles from Lands…

    good surf
  24. Porthcurno Beach

    Porthcurno Beach

    Popular family beach with lots of soft sand. Steeply shelving beach attracts…

  25. Portheras Cove

    Portheras Cove

    Portheras is one of the last remaining truly local beaches in West Cornwall.…

    dog friendly good surf
  26. Porthguarnon Cove

    Porthguarnon Cove

    Porthguarnon is another small rocky cove along this stretch of coast that is…

    dog friendly
  27. Porthgwarra Beach

    Porthgwarra Beach

    Secluded, relatively unknown Cornish Cove largely owned by Lord St Levan (of…

  28. Porthgwidden Beach

    Porthgwidden Beach

    Porthgwidden is often overlooked in the St Ives beaches stakes. Smaller than…

  29. Porthkidney Beach

    Porthkidney Beach

    Large sandy beach in front of the sand dunes of Lelant. Reasonably sheltered…

    dog friendly lifeguarded good surf
  30. Porthmeor Beach

    Porthmeor Beach

    Porthmeor is arguably St Ives' premier beach and as such one of Cornwall's…

    lifeguarded good surf
  31. Porthmeor Cove

    Porthmeor Cove

    This secluded cove is set on the rugged West Cornwall coast between Land's…

    dog friendly
  32. Porthminster Beach

    Porthminster Beach

    Large sheltered sandy beach with all facilities one would expect on a Blue…

  33. Praa Sands Beach

    Praa Sands Beach

    Large sandy beach ideal for families. Cafes and other facilities.

    lifeguarded good surf
  34. Priests Cove

    Priests Cove

    Priest's Cove is to the west of Cape Cornwall. It is a tiny fishing cove dominated…

    dog friendly good surf
  35. Progo Beach

    Progo Beach

    Small, pretty much unknown beach with interesting rock arch, close to the end…

    dog friendly lifeguarded
  36. Prussia Cove

    Prussia Cove

    Small and secluded rocky coves. No beach at high tide and no facilities. Famous…

    dog friendly lifeguarded
  37. Sennen Beach

    Sennen Beach

    Sennen beach is situated just around the corner from Land's End, the most westerly…

    lifeguarded good surf
  38. St Ives Harbour Beach

    St Ives Harbour Beach

    The name is a bit of give away here. Part harbour, part beach St Ives harbour…

  39. St Loy's Cove

    St Loy's Cove

    St Loy is perhaps best known for its wooded valley leading down to the coast.…

    dog friendly
  40. Wherrytown Beach

    Wherrytown Beach

    Large pebble beach between Penzance and Newlyn. Safe swimming.

    dog friendly