The Beach Guide

Beaches near Penzance

Map featuring Penzance beaches. Click on pins to view beach details

The beach guide has 13 beaches listed in and around the town of Penzance.

  • Penzance Promenade Beach

    Penzance Promenade Beach

    The beach in Penzance stretches for around a mile along the length of the Promenade. Mostly shingle…

    toilets beach cafe car park
  • Battery Rocks Beach

    Battery Rocks Beach

    Like the neigbouring Promenade beach, Battery Rocks beach only exists on lower tides. Sitting between…

    dog friendly toilets beach cafe car park
  • Wherrytown Beach

    Wherrytown Beach

    Large pebble beach between Penzance and Newlyn. Safe swimming.

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  • Eastern Green Beach

    Eastern Green Beach

    Penzance's east beach starts at the appropriately named Station Rocks and follows the curve of Mount's…

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  • Newlyn Tolcarne Beach

    Newlyn Tolcarne Beach

    Mainly pebble beach with a little sand, immediately below Newlyn Green, and close to Newlyn Orion Gallery.

    dog friendly car park good surf
  • Newlyn Beach

    Newlyn Beach

    This small beach on the edge of Newlyn is just past the fish market and quays. Despite also being known…

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  • Mousehole Beach

    Mousehole Beach

    Whilst being one of the prettiest fishing villages in Cornwall Mousehole is not renowned for it's beaches.…

    car park good surf
  • Longrock Beach

    Longrock Beach

    A safe family beach with sand and pebbles. Favoured with Penzance locals as it is the most easily accessible…

    dog friendly lifeguarded car park good surf
  • Marazion Beach

    Marazion Beach

    Despite being situated in front of the popular village of Marazion and having ample parking and amenities…

    lifeguarded car park good surf
  • Lamorna Cove

    Lamorna Cove

    There is a small pebble beach below the quay at Lamorna Cove. Pleasant place to swim. The cove is on…

    car park
  • Gurnards Head Beach

    Gurnards Head Beach

    Not an area for family beaches. Treen Cove is a short distance east of the headland, overlooked by the…

    dog friendly car park
  • St Loy's Cove

    St Loy's Cove

    St Loy is perhaps best known for its wooded valley leading down to the coast. This is a beautiful walk…

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  • Porthmeor Cove

    Porthmeor Cove

    This secluded cove is set on the rugged West Cornwall coast between Land's End and St Ives. It is about…

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