Guide to Cornwall's beaches

Beaches near Lizard

Map featuring Lizard beaches. Click on pins to view beach details

The beach guide has 14 beaches listed in and around the town of Lizard.

  1. Housel Bay

    Housel Bay
    car park

    Small sandy cove at the bottom of the cliffs not far from the Lizard Point. Can become cut off at higher tides so be careful. Very pretty.

  2. Polpeor Cove

    Polpeor Cove
    dog friendly car park

    A tiny beach situated just to the right of Lizard Point. The cove is dominated by the Old Lizard Lifeboat Station. The sand is dark grey and coarse and the beach is unsuitable for swimming.

  3. Pentreath Beach

    Pentreath Beach
    dog friendly car park

    Pebble beach below the cliffs, although there is sand at low water. Usually quiet beach as no immediate car parking.

  4. Church Cove

    Church Cove
    car park

    Narrow rocky cove set between cliffs on the eastern side of the Lizard. Slipway for launching boats, rock pools and gullies and great snorkelling / diving

  5. Caerthillian Cove

    Caerthillian Cove
    dog friendly car park

    A rocky inlet between Lizard Point and Kynance Cove. Popular with surfers and bird watchers.

  6. Kynance Cove

    Kynance Cove
    car park good surf

    Popular since Victorian times, the brilliant turquoise water and white sand, with islands, caves and unexpected views are still a powerful draw today. Located less than 2 miles from The Lizard and once remote and difficult…

  7. Cadgwith Cove

    Cadgwith Cove
    car park

    Cadgwith is one of those Cornish fishing villages that time seems to have passed by. The beach is still very much the centre of the village with a small fleet of crabbing boats winched up on the beach in front of the boat…

  8. Carleon Cove

    Carleon Cove
    dog friendly car park

    At the foot of Poltesco Valley lies the rocky little Carleon Cove. The National Trust owned beach and valley are now deserted with a few ruined remains, this was once a hive of activity. First Carleon was home to a busy…

  9. Kennack Sands Beach

    Kennack Sands Beach
    lifeguarded car park

    Superb family beach. Lots of sand, a stream and rock pools. Geologically interesting. Dogs allowed on eastern part of beach.

  10. Mullion Cove

    Mullion Cove
    dog friendly car park

    Pretty cove with sandy beach at low tide. Interesting serpentine rock formation in cliffs. Dogs allowed. A diversity of wild plants on the cliff tops.

  11. Lankidden Cove

    Lankidden Cove
    dog friendly car park

    This hidden cove is best reached via a hike along the coast path from Kennack Sands over a mile away. This ensures that it is always quiet and more often than not completely deserted. Lankidden really is the archetypal Cornish…

  12. Polurrian Cove

    Polurrian Cove
    lifeguarded car park

    Large sandy beach where dogs are not allowed. popular with families.

  13. Poldhu Cove

    Poldhu Cove
    lifeguarded car park

    Famous as the place from which the first Trans-Atlantic radio signal was sent in 1901. A popular sandy beach in a pretty location. There are lovely coastal walks with spectacular views around the cove.

  14. Dollar Cove

    Dollar Cove
    dog friendly

    Bring your metal detector as there's rumoured to be treasure here. The cove is named after the silver dollars that have occasionally been found from the wreck of a 17th century ship. The rock formations here are of special…