Guide to Cornwall's beaches

Beaches near Bude

Map featuring Bude beaches. Click on pins to view beach details

The beach guide has 9 beaches listed in and around the town of Bude.

  1. Summerleaze Beach

    Summerleaze Beach
    dog friendly lifeguarded car park

    Located within easy walking distance of Bude town centre Summerleaze is a popular beach. However, the extensive sands in every direction mean at anything except high tide it is unlikely to feel crowded. Summerleaze is also…

  2. Breakwater Beach

    Breakwater Beach
    dog friendly

    As the name suggests Breakwater Beach sits to the seaward side of Bude's breakwater, just across the canal from the town's main Summerleaze beach. Despite their proximity the two beaches couldn't be less alike; whilst Summerleaze…

  3. Crooklets Beach

    Crooklets Beach
    lifeguarded car park good surf

    The small beach of Crooklets ajoins Summerleaze and Northcott Mouth at low tide forming a larger bay. The sandy beach is bordered to the north by Wrangle point and seperated from Summerleaze beach to the south by a rocky…

  4. Northcott Mouth Beach

    Northcott Mouth Beach
    dog friendly lifeguarded car park

    Northcott Mouth is the main stretch of sand that at low tide joins up with Crooklets beach in the south and almost as far as Duckpool in the north. However, it is not advisable to attempt the walk unless you know the tide…

  5. Widemouth Beach

    Widemouth Beach
    dog friendly lifeguarded toilets beach cafe car park good surf blue flag

    The beach at Widemouth Bay is a wide expanse of open sand stretching nearly 2 miles. Despite being only 3 miles from the popular resort town of Bude the beach here has a wild feel. This is an exposed stretch of coast, facing…

  6. Sandy Mouth Beach

    Sandy Mouth Beach
    dog friendly lifeguarded toilets beach cafe car park good surf

    Large (2km long) pebbley beach with lots of sand at lower tides when it connects up with other Bude beaches. There are lots of interesting rock formations and pools along the length of the beach. Along with clean water Sandy…

  7. Duckpool Beach

    Duckpool Beach
    lifeguarded car park

    Nestled between high cliffs, with the imposing Steeple Point to the right, Duckpool is one of the most attractive and dramatic coves in the area. The beach is approached via the tranquil woodland of Coombe Valley. At higher…

  8. Millook Haven Beach

    Millook Haven Beach
    dog friendly good surf

    Situated in North Cornwall approximately two miles from Widemouth Bay and four miles from Bude, Millook Haven Beach is a north west facing beach which lies under the imposing Penalt Cliff. Composed mainly of large pebbles…

  9. Stanbury Mouth Beach

    Stanbury Mouth Beach
    lifeguarded car park

    Limited access means this small sand and rock beach is usually quiet, if not empty. Swimming can be dangerous and low/turning tide is best avoided