Guide to Cornwall's beaches

Beaches near Tintagel

Map featuring Tintagel beaches. Click on pins to view beach details

The beach guide has 5 beaches listed in and around the town of Tintagel.

  1. Bossiney Cove

    Bossiney Cove
    dog friendly car park

    Picturesque small cove which joins up with neighbouring Benoath cove on low tides. The beach is still relatively quite compared to much of the surrounding area as people tend to completely miss it as they go from Tintagel…

  2. Benoath Cove

    Benoath Cove
    dog friendly

    Small sandy beach that's only really there at low tide when it joins up with neighbouring Bossiney beach

  3. Tintagel Beach

    Tintagel Beach
    dog friendly toilets

    Located at the bottom of the valley and in the shadow of Tintagel Castle is the small, oft overlooked, Tintagel Haven. Whilst Tintagel itself may be firmly on the tourist map this little cove is barely accessible via a scrabble…

  4. Trebarwith Strand Beach

    Trebarwith Strand Beach
    dog friendly lifeguarded toilets beach cafe car park

    The ever popular beach of Trebarwith Strand is located around two miles south of Tintagel. It is one of the few easily accessible beaches along this stretch of North Cornwall coast. Now owned by the National Trust the name…

  5. Tregardock Beach

    Tregardock Beach
    car park

    Tregardock does not feel like it is located on one of the most popular stretches of coast in Cornwall. Situated about halfway between Tintagel and Port Isaac Tregardock is often empty. The reason is it is quite difficult…