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Gwenver's name is derived from Gwynevere of Authurian legend and it does have a beauty about it. Situated at the base of a grassy cliff the beach is just about secluded and in-accessible enough to not get really crowded.
The beach itself is sandy and around 150 metres long. At high tide the beach slopes steeply into the sea and can be dangerous, at low tide Gwenver joins up with Sennen beach
On a clear day the Scilly Isles can be easily made out from the beach as can the nearby Brisons rocks 1 mile off the coast of Cape Cornwall.

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Lifeguard service

Full time lifguard service from 10am - 6pm during summer (19 May-30 September)

Dogs friendly beach?

Dogs allowed all year

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TR19 6JB

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SW 3612 2802


There is a car park open in summer at the top off the cliff costing around £1.50.
It's a fair 10-15 mins hike down a well trodden path from here.