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  • Quite possibly the most exposed beach in England. Facing almost due west and located less than 2 miles from Land's End takes the full brunt of the Atlantic Ocean. As it works best on smallish to medium swells this means Gwenver is out of bounds for a large part of the winter.

    Gwenver is bounded to the north by Ayr point which despite it's name never really works as a point break. That's not, however, to say it doesn't work. "The point" is capable of holding a solid 6ft swell and on a good day is an A-frame peak with a useful rip running up the point.

    The banks at Gwenver tend to shift a lot so it can be epic one week and un-surfable the next on an identical swell. One thing that is consistent though is the power of it's waves. Combined with strong rips and a handful of locals with a very protective attitude, this doesn't make it ideal for beginners.

    Surf report

    Current surf conditions for Gwenver (24th Jul)
    Wave height * 4ft / 1.2m
    Swell period 8s
    Swell direction  °
    Wind  ° 9mph / 14km/h
    * Wave size is face height of set waves.

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    Lifeguard service

    Full time lifguard service from 10am - 6pm during summer (19 May-30 September)


    There is a car park open in summer at the top off the cliff costing around £1.50.
    It's a fair 10-15 mins hike down a well trodden path from here.