Nanjizal Beach

Due to its relative inaccessibility, Nanjizal (or Nanjizel) has remained more or less untouched and never gets busy. Most of the people you will see here are walkers doing the coast path.

Situated at the end of a short, shallow valley, the beach is a pretty boulder strewn cove with unusually clear water. The beach used to be much more sandy but after storms around 20 years ago much of it was washed away - it does, however, appear to be coming back. There are an abundance of caves and interesting rock formations for those not content with taking in the view. 

Nanjizal is also a good spot for seal watching, particularly round the corner at Zawn Reeth.

One of the most striking features of Nanjizel is the chasm of Zawn Peggy directly opposite on the cliffs at Higher Bosistow.

The beach had a brief moment of fame in 1966 when Doctor Who's The Smugglers episodes were filmed here.

Also known as:

Mill Bay, Nanjizel

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Lifeguard service

No lifeguard cover

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Dogs allowed all year

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TR19 7AA

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SW 3580 2358

Nanjizal Beach Reviews

Stunning natural wonder

Oct 02nd 2021

I’m not sure what the negative reviews are about as this “secret” beach was never intended for the public many years ago. Since its discovery, it’s become more known. If you’re not into cliffs, rocks, gaves and coves, this place isn’t for you. Its not a sandy tropical beach kind of place but its beautiful in its own natural right. Although it is quite rocky on 1 side there is plenty of sand on the other, especially when the tide is out, and you can walk into the caves too. It’s best to go when the tide is out to get the best views and use of the beach, cave and coves. We parked at Land’s End and walked for 20 minutes past the farm. The views on the walk are breathtaking. We stopped off a few times to take photos along the way. There was a short walk that was quite scary as it was along the edge of the cliff, so if you are scared about heights, this walk probably isn’t for you and you may want to try walking over from the other side (Penzance). Along the cliff egde, you can see other caves in the distance along the cliff edge. It’s pretty fascinating to see. When we finally got to Nanjizal cove and beach, there are a few big rocks you have to get over, which may be a struggle for very young children and elders but there were toddlers there and older people who managed to clamber onto the calmer part of the beach. i wore my swimsuit under my clothes as Ibwas adamant to have a cold wild water dip in the crystal clear cove section. It was stunning!! therr must have been no more than 4 or 5 small groups of people on the beach, so it wasn’t over populated at all. We really enjoyed exploring the natural wonders of this part of Cornwall

Lovely spot

Jun 03rd 2021

Whenever I go I’m not sure if I should go down to it or just look at it from the top, beautiful spot, can get busy due to the “secret beach” title, its not a secret, just a bit of a walk and it’s well worth it, no loo no cafe, no bins, so go prepared and take your rubbish back, it’s crystal clear water is something else, big boulders, rock pools caves, holes to swim through, high or low tide it’s beautiful, though high tide does take the sand away so bare that in mind, we’ll worth a visit to the loo less, bin less, cafeless, sometimes sandless beach with stunning views no matter which way you walk in.


May 01st 2021

Lots of memories asa child at this beach , many a time been there love the caves

a jewel

Apr 27th 2021

beautiful sandy beautiful h with an amazing cave to swim through .
The water was so blue and clear

Tricky to get to

Sep 10th 2020

Very little sand . Not good for families.

A remote gem

7 foot Studio
Jun 18th 2020

Don’t go, you’ll hate it and it’s my beach anyway :D


Caz 1
Jul 05th 2019

Absolutely beautiful, seals came right in shore
One of those spots on our planet that is so special