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Pedn Vounder Beach - Cornwall
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Arguably the most beautiful beach in Cornwall, Pedn Vounder is a secluded slice of paradise. Tucked away at the far end of a craggy granite bay near Land's End, the beach is famed for its crystal-clear turquoise waters, and near-white sandy shore. Once a hidden gem, Pedn Vounder is now something of an Instagram darling but with such an abundance of natural beauty it isn't hard to see why. Talking of nature, this is also West Cornwall's best-known naturist beach!

About Pedn Vounder Beach

One of Cornwall's loveliest beaches, set among the stunning cliffs of Treryn Dinas with crystal clear turquoise water and a beautiful white sand beach. The name Pedn Vounder translates from the Cornish 'pedn', meaning head or end and 'vounder', meaning lane - so, 'end of lane', which could be used to describe most beaches!

'Pedn' is pronounced 'pednee' and this is how locals generally refer to the beach.

Pedn Vounder beach - near high tide

Pedn Vounder is located at the eastern end of the bay that makes up Porthcurno cove and on a big enough low tide one can walk to Pedn Vounder from neighbouring Porthcurno beach. However, be warned, as the tide comes in you will not only find yourself cut off but facing a climb up the steep cliff "path".

The headland to the east of the beach is the location of the famous Logan Rock, a rectangular block of granite which weighs about 70 tons, and which can be rocked back and forth by one person. 

Pedn Vounder - aerial / drone view

Over recent years the beach here has ceased to be the secret spot it once was. Having become something of a poster child for Cornwall's most stunning beaches it has featured in national newspapers and is now well and truly on the tourist bucket list. In addition the beach here also featured in the recent TV adaptation of Poldark where it was used in a dream sequence of "Nampara Cove". 

Pedn Vounder beach

Pedn Vounder is an unofficial naturist beach. And remember, the cove has been used this way for many years before Poldark hit the screens. If you are worried that might spoil your Instagram pics, bare (!) in mind they were probably here before you and some of them come here all year.

What does the name "Pedn Vounder Beach" mean?

Pedn Vounder comes from the Cornish 'pen' meaning head or end and 'an vounder' which translates to "of the lane".

Visiting Pedn Vounder Beach

As with all of Cornwall's beaches it is important to check the tides when planning a vist. We would recommend aiming for low to mid tide as the beach size is much reduced at higher tides. See Pedn Vounder Beach tide times.

When is the best time to visit Pedn Vounder Beach

Without a doubt the best time to visit Pedn Vounder is on a Spring low tide. Plan your visit carefully around 2 hours before the low tide and you will spare yourself the horror of making your way down the cliff "path"!.

Even if you do plan on taking the route down the cliff you will need to check the tides as high tide sees the beach almost disappear and it is possible to find one's self cut off.

In terms of what time of year to visit Pedn Vounder I would say whenever you can. Since the beach became something of a sensation a few years back a little of the magic has been lost. The summer holidays see many people turn up snap a selfie, post it on social media and head for the next Instagram darling.

Pedn is a place of beauty throughout the year. Time it right and you can still have it to yourself.

Where is Pedn Vounder Beach

Pedn Vounder beach can be found on the south coast of the far-western tip of Cornwall. Only a few miles around the coast from Land's End this beach was once considered a fairly remote, inaccessible cove set at the foot of craggy granite cliffs.

For at least some of the time, Pedn Vounder is an extension of Porthcurno beach, sitting at the eastern end of the bay.

Nearest town: Porthcurno

Find accommodation near Pedn Vounder Beach


There is a small car park about 10 minutes walk away in the village of Treen. Otherwise you can walk over from one of the car park in Porthcurno, which to be honest isn't much further.

Access - How to get down to the beach

We would recommend timing your visit with the tides so you can walk across the sand from Porthcurno. This involves double-checking the tide times and heading across from Porthcurno beach around an hour or two before low tide - or as soon as there is bare sand between the coves.

The alternative is a pretty challenging climb down. The cliff path down the 100 feet or so starts out fairly easy but becomes progressively harder. Some might even call it sketchy!. This is definitely not one for anyone with mobility issues or young children - or with a nervous disposition!

/public/photos/View down to Pedn Vounder from the top of the cliff path

Is Pedn Vounder Beach dog friendly?

Dogs are allowed on Pedn Vounder all year round.

That said the steep climb down is challenging enough without having a dog to keep hold of. The safest option is to visit an hour or two before a big low tide which will give you plenty of time to walk across from Porthcurno.

Does Pedn Vounder Beach have lifeguards

There is no lifeguard cover at Pedn Vounder

Is Pedn Vounder Beach suitable for swimming?

On all but the calmest of days we would advise a degree of caution. Unlike neighbouring Porthcurno the beach does not shelve steeply, but it can be just as dangerous.

The tide here moves fast and there are often strong currents, particularly at the far end of the beach. If there are waves here they are often more powerful than they look. Add to this there being no lifeguard cover and we would recommend enjoying the crystal clear water up to your knees most days!

/public/photos/Crystal clear water - Pedn Vounder

What facilities are there at Pedn Vounder Beach?

There are no facilities at Pedn Vounder, which is part of the beauty of this wild beach. Given the difficult access we would suggest you travel light, bring only what you need and leave nothing behind.

Things to do at Pedn Vounder Beach

One of the most popular activities at Pedn Vounder is being overwhelmed by the stunning scenery! Of course this leads on to attempting to capture that beauty in the medium of photography. From my experience of photographing Pedn you will never run out of inspiration; whether it be a clifftop view of the crystal-clear turquoise waters or a close up of the low tide sand ripples you won't run short on inspiration.

The beach itself is a great place to spend a few hours relaxing and topping up the tan. Pedn Vounder is probably the best-known place in West Cornwall for working on an all-over tan too!.

Being just a short walk along the coast path (or beach at low tide) to Porthcurno adds a host of additional activities. Swimming is generally safer at Porthcurno with the beach having a seasonal lifeguard too.

And of course there is the Minack Theatre perched atop the far cliff overlooking the bay. Accessible by a fairly steep path from the beach this is a truly unique place and a must-see if you are in the area.

Pedn Vounder Beach Video

Pedn Vounder Beach Reviews (8)


Kevin L

Aug 07th 2019

Lovely naturist beach that as a couple we have been visiting for many years, please respect those that decide to have no clothes and accept that if you have a hang up about this then probably this isn’t the place for you!
Enjoy our beach:)


Jul 02nd 2020

Took the plunge several years back. What a delight. Beautiful crystal clear water and fairly gentle slope into sea (until high tide). Need to be quite agile to ascend very steep cliff path. Must go again some time. Complete mix of young and old. Best of all - everyone was naked!



May 26th 2022

The best place in the world to chill out, skin up, and skinny dip…have had many enjoyable and satisfying times here and met some great people in the process…!



May 11th 2021

Been visiting Pedn Vounder for about fifty years. It is perfect; utterly stunning. A very steep climb down, but not in any way difficult with care. My children went frequently and loved it. No facilities whatsoever. Clothes optional at far end; it always has been as far as I know.
Can’t wait to get back after lockdown.

Amazing beach, sheer paradise..


May 20th 2022

Whether you are into baring it all or being more modest when you sunbathe, this is one you must visit. My only two bits of advice are

Respect those who bare it all, it’s been going on forever.

Be careful as you climb down the cliff path if you are scared of heights, it can be dangerous.

Definitely worth the deadly decent!


Oct 08th 2023

I visited here one warm October day with my girlfriend, I bared all she didn’t, good mix of people, no one judging anyone, would say half people were clothed, half weren’t but it didn’t matter either way, most stunning beach I’ve ever visited, turquoise water, amazing looking cliffs, will definitely be heading back! Dangerous slight cliff climb to get down, do able though if you take your time!

Hidden gem

Jul 11th 2023

Found this hidden gem two years ago. Very steep path and climb down but worth it. Wish I could share photos

Dog friendly

No nudists seen but wouldn’t care anyway

Very difficult to get there, but totally worth


Aug 15th 2022

Very difficult to get there: you need to go down to a very tiny and rocky path and in the end you literally need to climb down rocks to get to the beach. So it is not recommended to take much stuff with you as you will need to have both hands free to climb down and then up when you are leaving or take with you a big backpack where to put all your beach stuff.
Also check the tides times as the tide comes up quite quickly and you might find yourself blocked in one spot without the ability to go back without having a bath.
If you are ready for this challenge then take it: it is totally worth it. I think one of the best places in the UK!

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