Prussia Cove

Prussia Cove consists of a small and secluded rocky cove, or series of coves, depending on who you ask. What most people consider as the main beach though is also known as Bessy's Cove. The other beach is Piskies Cove just around the cliffs to the west.

This sheltered little cove is a fantastic place to explore with rock pools, a cave and tumbledown granite fishing huts built into the side of the cliff next to the coast path. Other reminders of years-gone-by are the deep cart tracks cut into the rock where seaweed was hauled up to be used on the fields as fertiliser.

To one side of the beach there is a reasonable sized patch of shingle beach when the tide is out. At the other end is a long deep gully which forms a kind of tiny, natural harbour. This is a great spot for swimming and snorkeling on calmer days. As the tide comes in the beach disappears, but the rocks form a suitable place to bask between swims.

Prussia Cove is perhaps best known as the home of the Carters, a notorious family of smugglers in the 18th century. This is where the name comes from; it is said that John Carter earned the nickname "the King of Prussia" from a childhood game he played with his brothers. 

The only parking for Prussia Cove is a small private field car park at the end of the road down to the cove. From here it takes about 5 minutes to walk down to the beach. It does tend to fill up pretty quickly during the summer months though.

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Cliff top car park.