Marazion - surfing

Marazion is quite sheltered so takes a fair old swell to get going. On top of this the prevailing wind is a South Westerly which is onshore. To get any swell into Marazion usually requires a South Westerly gale so most of the time it's onshore.

Perfect conditions are a huge South swell and Northerly winds which does happen every year or so. I've seen Marazion at a solid 4ft and offshore on occasions. However, it is still a fairly weak, slopey wave due to the shallow sea bed. More of a longboard wave really.

There are a few reefs round here that can get good and hold a 6ft+ swell - you'll have to find those yourself though!

Surf report

Current surf conditions for Marazion (19th Jun)
Wave height * 4ft / 1.1m
Swell period 6s
Swell direction  °
Wind  ° 15mph / 24km/h
* Wave size is face height of set waves.

Type of beach


Lifeguard service

Lifeguard service during summer months (7 July - 2 September)


There are a number of car parks on the beach front to the west of the town.