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    Trevone is a popular beach with both surfers and families. The main beach is sandy inlet that is actually far deeper than it is wide. To either side of this expanse of golden sand are rocky ledges which are home to some great rock pools.

    However, if it's rock pools you're after try the aptly named Rocky Beach (Newtrain Bay) next door. Here you'll find not only great rock pools to explore but a big tidal pool ideal for splashing around in.

    With its gently sloping sand swimming is generally safe at Trevone and RNLI lifeguards are present in the summer months. Please note there can be a strong rip current on the right side of the beach at times.

    The rocks in around Trevone are of particular interest and the area is Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Of particular interest though is the blow-hole known as Round Hole; an 80ft (25m) deep hole in the cliffs formed from a collapsed cave.

    The beach is located around 2 miles west of Padstow making it easy to get to from this popular town. On the minus side, with all Trevone's great features, it can get quite busy in the summer.

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    Lifeguard service

    RNLI lifeguard Summer cover daily from 19 May to 30 September

    Dogs friendly beach?

    Seasonal dog ban. Dogs are not allowed on the beach from 15th May to 30th September / 10am to 6pm

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    Disabled access

    Easy access from the car park

    OS grid ref.

    SW 8913 7602


    Backing right onto the village of Trevone there are no shortage of amenities within a stone's throw of the beach. The beach itself has toilets, cafe and a shop.


    There are two large car parks at either end of the beach as well as a few parking spaces next to the beach.


    Blue Flag Award

    Trevone Bay Reviews (26)

    Apr 03rd 2022

    Sort your rip-off egregious parking management company out, you are ruining people’s visit

    Lovely beach, car park exploitative camera fines drags down the experience

    Graham Paterson

    Jul 23rd 2022

    Beautiful beach but negated by what seems to capture a large proportion of uninformed visitors with hefty £60 min parking fines.  We stopped for 13 mins as had to use the toilet!  I wrongly assumed parking would be finished at 8pm.

    I paid the fine rather than appeal as I have no grounds except extreme annoyance.

    I think this approach is not in keeping with a fair balance and comes across as captive exploitation.

    If they had a big sign as you enter the car park and in a few places inside that simply said “automatically enforced cameras regulate this car park during the following hours of operation” it would be fair enough and also perhaps a 15 min grace period before they impose fines.  I hope that the council changes their approach as it drags the area’s reputation down.

    Car park Con

    Ann hornby

    Jul 12th 2022

    Trevone beach is absolutely stunning and I am more than happy to pay car park and toilet charges for the beauty before my eyes . However on 3 /7/22. We visited , put in £5.50 to park for 4 hours , paid by card , end of transaction a green tick appears and please take your ticket . No ticket appears . Left wondering what to do and after reading previous horror stories, didn’t know whether I had been charged or not ? I had no option but to pay again as no reception on phone to query. However day after transaction taken twice . I know it’s only £5.50 but following other peoples misfortunes I decided to try to get it put right.  Rang the number , told to leave messages , the rest I’m sure you can all guess but basically no joy , and only managed to speak to a ticket machine engineer who said if you paid twice it’s a voluntary payment , to which I said what was I supposed to do when it gave no ticket. His reply was to have rung him on option 3 ( number on side of box ) . Ridiculous answer when (a) you only get the option to leave messages and ( b ) no reception. I’m one of th lucky ones it’s only £5.50 but would much sooner put it in a lifeguards box or similar.  Surely there is a better way as people are avoiding because of this

    I will never go here again, ruined by parking company.

    Apr 19th 2022

    Agree with all the other reviews. How this parking company is allowed to manage the parking is a disgrace. There is absolutely no way you can avoid getting a fine unless you pay before entering and leave well before your time is up. Returned home to a £100 fine for taking too long to get to ticket machine and taking 40 seconds too long to exit the car park. Will not be visiting Trevone ever again whilst this company are allowed to rip folk off. This cannot be right. If the purpose of this company is to stop tourism and business at this bay it’s certainly working.

    Car park


    Feb 28th 2022

    Car park scam - cameras captured entry and exit . We stopped for a matter of minutes to check out the view which cost us £100 fine for not buying a parking ticket - be very cautious

    Car park rip off

    Nov 24th 2021

    The car park is operated by a cowboy company called Alliance Parking. They operate a hidden camera which photographs car registrations on entering and leaving the car park. Any minor mistake in paying for parking will result in a £170 fine which the company refuse to dispute. A quick search of the company name will show hundreds of similar reviews. I strongly recommend not visiting this beach or any local businesses, unless you can get there without having to park in the car park.

    avoid - parking scam

    Nov 09th 2021

    I can vouch for other reviews.  Family received a ticket in Nov 21 for alleged overstay in August 21.  Dealing with a private car parking firm that is a specialist in this operation.  What can you do? I have not kept the receipt.  I think stay away from Trevone in future.
    Not the first time we’ve been ripped off in Cornwall.

    Car parking fine

    Nov 03rd 2021

    Received a fine for non payment.  We parked 18:52:51 until 20:54:35 on 26/08/21. We always pay cash & can’t prove we didn’t pay as don’t keep the tickets after a certain period.  Alliance Parking have issued a penalty notice dated 01/11/21 of £60 rising to £100 & then £170.  They are clearly waiting until 10 weeks so that you’ve either discarded your ticket or just can’t recall that far back.  We were supporting a lovely local business & will not return because of Alliance Parking.  Not great ethical business practice - scammers in my opinion

    Aug 30th 2021

    Beach is ok. Car park one to avoid.
    Despite paying and displaying, a few days after returning from holiday I got a pcn through, as did a friend who went to the beach a few days before.
    Pizzas from the local bar/cafe were a little underwhelming and took almost 2 hours to make from order - so not great when you have hungry little ones.

    In all, I won’t be returning. Many many nicer beaches nearby, with better facilities and reliable parking.

    Excellent place, terrible parking

    Unhappy visitor

    Oct 24th 2023

    Unfortunately, my advice is not to visit (unless prepared to pay £60+ parking fines). We used the parking app and still received a parking charge notice.

    Everywhere else they work fine for me but it’s clear from numerous on line sources that this place is overly officious.

    Not sure if parking related to the nearby cafe - very sad if so as the pizza and hot chocolate were excellent.

    Steve m

    Sep 16th 2023

    Beautiful place, sun sets in the sea and the shop sells nice pizzas.
    Shop staff were friendly and helpful, and the overnight parking is a nice addition.
    it’s just a shame the parking is run by pirates who just want to rip people off.

    Crooks, employed by Cornish council run this car park

    Jul 16th 2023

    Pulled into the car park, went to the cafe, to get some change for the machine.
    Was in this car park for a total of 13 Minutes, paid for an hour
    but received a ticket for £60.00 for the time it took to buy a ticket, these companies are ruining visits to the beach.
    This has nothing to do with traffic control, solely extracting as much money out of people who can ill afford it.
    A huge sign should be erected outside the car park stating , that this car park is run by crooks, please be aware.
    No point in appealing, these gangsters are not interested, in anything. I shan’t be returning.

    Beware parking charges

    Jul 22nd 2022

    Agree with other reviews. We went to this bay by mistake, but decided to have a little look around and did not seen any pay and display signs at all whilst negotiating people and the entrance it seems. Now a fine really ruins the holiday

    Car park is to be avoided

    May 04th 2022

    Sadly, like many others the car parking is astronomical and unethical. Please avoid. Also please note that money saving expert has published an article highlighting that private car parks are no longer allowed to charge penalties of more than £50.

    Jan 22nd 2022

    Sadly, I can only add my comments about parking to those above. Paid by credit card, returned well within the time. Penalty notice states non payment, and when I checked, my card hadn’t been debited. Horrible to be scammed in this way.


    Peter Plate

    Dec 04th 2021

    So, they put hidden cameras at the entrance and exit, then operate a pay and display. When we arrived we had a downpour, waited in the car for 15 minutes, then bought the ticket and then left less than 10 minutes over the 2hrs we paid for. But we stayed about 2 hrs 20 minutes, so got charged a fine, appeal was unsuccessful.
    This is clearly designed to cash in from post lockdown holidaymakers (no, I did not read “the contract”, was advised the if I don’t agree with “the contract” I could have found alternative parking…., someone is getting rich on this and I will never visit this place again! Same happened to our friends, they probably cash in a fine from more than half the attendees.

    Avoid. The parking is a scam.

    Jane B

    Dec 02nd 2021

    This is a huge hassle to receive a PCN three months after parking. People should boycott

    Nov 08th 2021

    Had a lovely evening with pizzas on the beach back in the summer and had recommended friends to go there. However we have also just received a parking fine in the post when we definitely had paid for parking so we certainly won’t be back. Unfortunately as it has been almost 4 months we have no way to prove we paid. Hope the local businesses get involved with the parking issues as they will be losing lots of future business by the looks of the reviews.

    Avoid at all costs

    Nov 08th 2021

    We received 2 x £100 fines for popping into the carpark for a moment at the end of September. We wanted to support the surf shop. We will not be doing that again. Why have the local carpark arranged for Alliance Parking to take over - it a scam and we will not be returning to Trevose again. Please take note this car park has a detrimental effect on your local business - IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?

    Nov 07th 2021

    We also received a parking charge, issued over two months after we visited, despite paying to park for longer than we were there.  Appeal to Alliance has been denied as they say we didn’t pay.  Obviously we no longer have the ticket to prove it.  I honestly think this is a scam.  We definitely won’t be visiting Trevone again, which is a shame as it’s a lovely coastal village.

    Avoid!!!!! Parking scam!!!

    Nov 04th 2021

    Paid for parking at Trevone beach prior to arrival due to network availability via the just park app. Despite paying for the full day, the appeal has been denied as the car parks have two different names!!! Trevone Bay and Porthmissen. How would a visitor know this as they are next to each other and Porthmissen is the overflow car park. I have a £100 fine or £170. Do I take it to court? I will avoid this beach and the lovely local shop and cafe in the future.#visitcornwallfail #visitcornwall#trevone #allianceparking


    Nov 01st 2021

    Paid for parking by bank card, clearly showing in our account but got a whopping fine despite that!  Utter rip off which is a shame as the beach and cafe are lovely, we won’t be back.

    Oct 30th 2021

    I do hope someone with some authority in Trevone will act on these reviews. It is a wonderful place and very dear to so many people. We are all happy to pay a reasonable amount to park there but Alliance parking are just appalling to the extent that people who have been coming for years are vowing not to return. Please find an honest company to run the car park.


    Sep 17th 2021

    We were introduced to Trevone about 6 years ago and have enjoyed a superb holiday with our Grandchildren each year.
    Ideal for all children with its Sandy beach and a rocky beach next door.

    Aug 30th 2021

    Lovely beach but was also sent a parking ticket even though I paid.


    Aug 30th 2021

    Beautiful find on our way back to holiday home from a day out, lovely pizzas and cider from the beach bar/cafe…. tide was out, has the best evening playing in the rock pools and stream out to the sea, kids absolutely loved it ????

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