Daymer Bay

Good sized stretch of sand bordered by dunes and sandhills. It is comparatively off the beaten track compared to its neighbours, Rock and Polzeath which gives it a slightly more secluded feel.

The beach is within the mouth of the Camel Estuary so is pretty sheltered and has a gently sloping beach making it safe for swimming.

At south the end of the beach is the grassy mound of Braey Hill which is worth a climb for excellent views of the area. At the foot of the hill a little way from the beach is St Enodoc Church or Sinking Neddy as it is sometimes referred to due to it's close relationship with the sea and sand. It is here that the former Poet Laureate, John Betjeman is buried.

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Lifeguard service

No lifeguard cover

Dogs friendly beach?

Dogs allowed all year

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PL27 6SA

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SW 9283 7742


Large car park

Daymer Bay Reviews

Car park rip off

Local person
Nov 29th 2021

Been going to Daymer all my life, not anymore, parking charges are a complete rip off, I have just received a £60 fine for apparently going over my time which I know I didn’t but no proof so can’t dispute it.The car park is rubbish, hasn’t had a penny spent on it ever yet they are raking it in, shame on you ripping off people.

Car Parking Scam

John Wilks
Nov 29th 2021

Received PCN notice 4 months and 1 day after using Daymer car park. Have been going for 20+ years and have been familiar with the nice car park attendees over the years. It was early on this visit and assumed as normal that as I was there before 8.00am that they weren’t on shift yet and would, as many times before come and ask later for payment. It appears I am wrong. It is so long ago now that I can’t even remember if I put money into the machine. I don’t have a mobile phone so wouldn’t use any app thing anyway. Stealth fine!

Rip off

Mark webb
Nov 25th 2021

Just received a PCN for parking. I can’t decide if I’m at fault. I parked after 6pm and assumed it was free after this time. It is at Polzeath and assumed it was here. I can’t find any information online about the parking times. Does anyone know if the parking costs cover a 24hr period. I expect they do from looking at other reviews Alliance Parking are just money orientated thieves.

Beautiful beach, shame about the parking

Nov 24th 2021

This is a beach I visit regularly, and have done for many years. It’s a fabulous, scenic location, BUT…

The car park is now equipped with ANPR, so they take pictures of your vehicle as you enter and again as you leave. I parked there on the 8th Aug and was 24 mins late leaving (i.e. after my £4 for 3hrs ticket expired). Ok, I’m at fault for parking too long. BUT… I received notification of the £60 charge today - 25th Nov, in a letter dated 19th November, with a payment deadline of 3rd Dec. They claim the charge will rise to £100 thereafter, then to £170 by 17th Dec. It’s taken them over 15 weeks to get this charge notice to me.

The operators are a bunch of crooks & I shall be appealing this charge.

Parking Warning

Angry Tourist
Nov 23rd 2021

Just received a PCN 3.5 months after the event.  Before you think, ‘should have bought a ticket’ well I did just that through the JustPark app so I even have a record.  Problem is I didn’t start it when driving through the gate but after I had found a space and got out of the car.  Normally this is when you would go to the meter but that wouldn’t work either.  The start of parking is measured from a CCTV camera on the gate to when you leave.  There is only 10 mins grace period so there is a high chance you will get a ticket.  Unfortunately this is only clear now when you review Alliance Parkings website.  Being 3.5 months later also means I am not in the area to study if the signage was appropriate.  I would love a local to take some photos and upload them to google or similar.


Unhappy local

Nov 23rd 2021

Car park rip off and not obvious that you will be filmed and billed for overstaying time.  Poor facilities - hardly a car park - just a field.  No allocated spaces / amenities. 
Poorly judged systems which will mean only naive tourists get hit. Locals won’t want to go anymore. Such a shame as a lovely spot

Beware of cameras and parking charges

Nov 17th 2021

You can only pay for parking using an app and there are cameras. If you do not ensure you have updated your car registration you will receive a PCN £60. I correctly paid the full parking price of £4.20 per visit. I had to download the app and didn’t realise I had an old car registered on the app. I hadn’t realised I had used this app in 2014 which held old car details. I hadn’t realised this and assumed it had knowledge of current registered car. I was travelling alone, am not IT proficient so have landed with 2 PCNs for 2 visits to this beach. I appealed and explained with my booking references. This I feel is ageist…. and yes I did not have to park on this car park and will not do so again however, there was no alternative if I wanted to enjoy this beach as my walking is restricted.
Ageist and ruthless owners of this car park are immoral.

Lack of amenities

Oct 24th 2021

Daumier Bay has a very nice beach although swimming is not advisable due to the strong currents of the Camel Estuary.
There are little amenities at Daymer Bay. Toilets are not free also not very well maintained hygiene issues to say the least need to be cleaned more than once a day with some decent bacterial cleaning materials.Washing hands in Luke warm water if you are lucky most of the time no soap or decent drying machine.
There is a shop in the car park area during the main summer season with limited snack and drink options.
Car park is expensive too.

Aug 14th 2021

Cheaper than most car parks in the area even NT car parks are £8 a day! What do people expect take your rubbish home with you

Disgusting owners

Aug 14th 2021

Very expensive car park, which doesn’t offer a single bin for rubbish or dog waste, and charges different rates for each of the few toilets, which are dirty!! The owner really does nothing for locals or visitors.


Aug 12th 2021

Wow…. Latte coffee and even instant coffee was bloody terrible. Tea was fine but don’t even go for coffee.  Nice beach ok for families but not for surfing.


Jun 06th 2021


20p if you’re male
40p if you’re female
50p if you’re disabled

5 stars for beautiful beach, zero stars for ugly discrimination

Prejudice owners

Casey Soper
Mar 15th 2021

I was charged “Extra” for kitesurfing.
When I questioned this I was told that they didn’t want kitesurfers “Ruining” the beach for others and causing them to phone emergency services when they got in trouble!
I offered to use my own phone if I got into trouble and questioned the practice of charging extra for kiting.
The man was very rude and acted in an ignorant manner.
Surely if you don’t want a certain group to use your facility then you don’t let them in in the first place!?
Is it a private beach?  It’s none of their business what the beach users choose to do there.
Is it legal to charge extra for this?
Interesting to be told in a thick Midlands accent that I wasn’t welcome on one of my local beaches.

Extra charges - avoid

Ken Wilkins
Mar 15th 2021

Very shocked to learn that as well as the normal charges they add £1.50 a visit if you are a windsurfer or kitesurfer. What an absolute cheek! Nowhere I know of elsewhere does this, you pay to park your car, what difference does it make what you do when you get to the beach. Think I’ll let the media know about this. Greedy so and so’s.

Unimpressed with facilities

Aug 20th 2020

They charge £6 to park but there are no bins and they charge for the toilets. Dunes all fenced off. Plenty of better places