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  • Portreath is home to The Vortex a right hand reef break which peels of the harbour wall. This is not a wave for the light-hearted and definitely not suitable for beginners. The wave comes in from deeper water and hits the reef going from a lump to past vertical making air drops the norm. Combined with its propensity to barrel and form a wedgey inside this goes some way to explaining where it gets the name

    For obvious reasons (i.e. heavy and hollow) the Vortex is popular with bodyboarders, however there are usually a couple of stand up surfers giving it a go.

    If all this hasn't put you off then maybe the 'Locals Only' scrawled on the wall might!

    The beach itself can produce a half decent wave and packs a fair punch itself on a good day

    Being north facing and with high cliffs to the west the beach is fairly sheltered and needs a medium sized west/northwest swell to get it going. In terms of wind this is an advantage as a south-westerly is cross offshore. The Vortex can handle waves of up to 8ft

    Surf report

    Current surf conditions for Portreath (19th Jun)
    Wave height * 3ft / 1m
    Swell period 6s
    Swell direction  °
    Wind  ° 14mph / 23km/h
    * Wave size is face height of set waves.

    Type of beach


    Lifeguard service

    Full lifeguard service in the Summer (19 May to 30 September)


    There is a reasonably large privately owned car park right on the beach


    Quality Coast Award