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    The stretch of coast running between Godrevy and Portreath beaches is known as North Cliffs. To most, the only point of interest along here is Hell's Mouth, a small inlet where the sheer cliffs plummet nearly 300 feet (90m) into the Atlantic Ocean below. 

     However, tucked in between Navax Point and Hell's Mouth is a pretty little beach with golden sand and turquoise waters. So, despite its obvious charms, why is this beach more frequently visited by seals than people? 

     The answer is simple and can be deduced from the fact it is just around the corner from Hell's Mouth. If you aren't good with heights then you can forget Fishing Cove right away! Whilst the path down isn't necessarily that difficult the drop is a little off putting to say the least. 

    If you do make it as far as the beach then you may find yourself somewhat over-dressed. Fishing Cove is well known amongst naturists with skinny-dipping de rigueur. As there is no lifeguard service caution is advised when swimming although the beach is generally sheltered.

    At high tide the beach is very much reduced in size with just a small strip of sand. On the low tide there is plenty of sand and it is possible to walk around to the neighbouring Castle Giver Cove.

    Also known as:

    Fisherman's Cove

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    Nudist/naturist beach



    TR27 5EG

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    SW 5959 4289


    There is a small roadside car park at the top of the hill out of Godrevy, just before Hell's Mouth. Alternatively, park at Hell's Mouth and walk around.

    Fishing Cove Reviews (11)


    May 29th 2022

    It’s a nudist beach. It has always been a nudist beach. It was a nudist beach loooooong before you decided to turn up and complain about it being a nudist beach. There are literally hundreds of other beaches to choose from if you don’t like nudist beaches.

    P.s. it’s a nudist beach.

    The rules.

    One of the locals who use this beach a lot.

    Jun 17th 2021

    We are the group of naturists who lay in the sunny corner during the best days. We are all friend’s and some of us have been coming down this beach for 60+ years the oldest being in his nineties. The beach is monitored and maintained by team effort especially when it comes to maintaining access/steps during the winter. We respect other users however we don’t tolerate buring of steps on beach fires, also camping for more than one night is also not allowed as the beach is small at high tide and the dry beach becomes a toilet please, leave the beach as you find it. Music whilst you may love it, we the beach users don’t there is 3 miles of beach round the corner where you can freely play anywhere. The cove is small so any disturbances can be seen heard by anyone who is relaxing.

    Please respect the beach.

    Thank you take care. FC locals.

    Beautiful secluded Cove

    Glen Allen

    Feb 08th 2021

    Easy to reach, just 15min drive from Camborne brings you to a small car park just on the right after Hells Mouth Cafe.
    Watch out for the small footpath that diverts off the cliff coast path and head down the somewhat challenging track down to the beach.
    Once down however you are rewarded with a gorgeous sandy beach with shallow entry to the rolling waves of the North Cornwall coast, there are caves, sunbathing rocks and pools to explore.
    The beach is used by naturists and textiles alike who enjoy it together, the swim round to the adjacent cove is majestic.
    Its a North facing beach so it looses the sun in the afternoon so get there early to top up your tan!

    What is so wrong with a naked body?


    Jul 29th 2022

    This is a lovely place, well worth the effort of getting to.  Any beach from a legal perspective can be enjoyed with or without clothing.  Being naked is nothing to be ashamed of.  My Advice is don’t knock it until you have tried it.  Feeling the air and the water across your whole body is liberating offering huge benefits to mental and physical health.  Just to be clear being nude is not linked to sex.  Genuine naturists just want to feel free to do what feels natural once we get past the internal barriers.  It has done me and my family the world of good.  If you do give it a go I hope you enjoy it.

    First but not last visit

    Newquay couple

    Aug 23rd 2022

    Seen this beach from a distance out of season when walking the cliffs didn’t know you could get on there till yesterday when we noticed people on there so went back to the car got our beach bags and went down the track on to the beach there is a sign at the top stating it is a clothing optional beach but we had came this far so there were a couple of naked guys on the beach and a couple of guys swimming we set up the beach tent and to my surprise my wife striped to the waist and walked down the beach into the water so I decided for the first time ever to go completely naked and follow her in felt completely liberating we had a great time and will definitely be regular visitors

    Worst experience ever


    Jul 18th 2023

    Having read positive reviews about this beach I thought I’d try it out - that was the worst decision of my life! I’ve only just recovered from and intestinal infection picked up from the water. I was told AFTER I GOT OUT by a laughing local that I should never swim in there after rain, due to the raw sewage overflow! Thanks a lot. It hadn’t even rained to my knowledge and seemed warm and sunny. The walk down was treacherous and htere would be no help if anything had happened as there are no services and no phone signal! Horrible place - avoid at all costs!


    Aug 26th 2022

    Visited this beach yesterday , the path down quite steep and could be slippery when wet , local naturist seem a very friendly bunch 10 till 3 the sun was beautiful , north facing beach so limited sunbathing time ,felt very much at home naked with people I hadn’t met before , spoke to one couple who told me this beach gets no sunshine after September 23 rd till spring ,will definitely be back in next few days . Graham .

    Great Place for Swimming


    Sep 28th 2021

    I use this beach a lot for swimming, the path down might bother some, On Sunny days there are nudists but local ones are very friendly, if you go late afternoon or on a non Sunny day you could well have beach to yourself and a good chance of swimming with a Seal but don’t approach them they will come to you, if you are thinking about a long swim I recommend a wetsuit but I’m sure Swimmers will know that anyway.

    Most amazing night of my life

    Lynne Beck

    May 13th 2021

    This is the most magical place in the world.  Hubby and I were walking the coast path from Newquay to St. Ives in 1997, carrying our tents etc on our backs.  We had just had some very bad news and this was our opportunity to spend some time together working out our future.  We were about half way through the holiday when we discovered this beach by accident.  We walked down to it by a steep path and once there we realised that it would be a good place to spend the night so we pitched our tent on the highest piece of ground on the beach.  We had a ‘beanfeast’ ready meal and cooked it on a bonfire using drift wood on the beach slightly inside one of the caves.  While we were doing it we had a strange experience.  We both saw a man walking past us.  He didnt acknowldege us, just walked straight past.  Looking out to sea he walked from right to left so there was no way he could have got on the beach. Ghost?  The other amazing thing was the phosphorescence that night.  It was like sparklers on our skin.  Amazing.


    The Horror

    Aug 04th 2021

    Wife wanted to find a nice little beach.

    She picked this one.

    After a terrifying decent I was greeted with the sight of sagging balls and spread eagle naked men.

    Avoid if you dislike heights and wrinkly balls

    My wife & kids were in for a shock.


    Jul 04th 2020

    Went there because someone said it was a naturist beach, but I was thinking “naturalist”, so my wife & kids were in for a shock when we came upon a load of pink coloured old men!

    One of them was doing sit ups, and the image of the man’s shlong going up and down towards the sand will be with me forever more!

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