Guide to Cornwall's beaches

Beaches near Redruth

Map featuring Redruth beaches. Click on pins to view beach details

The beach guide has 3 beaches listed in and around the town of Redruth.

  1. Porthtowan Beach

    Porthtowan Beach
    lifeguarded good surf blue flag

    Porthtowan is another of Cornwall's great North coast beaches which grows exponentially in size as the tide goes out. At low tide the beach stretches nearly 1.5 miles to include Chapel Porth beach and cliffs below the iconic…

  2. Chapel Porth Beach

    Chapel Porth Beach
    lifeguarded car park good surf

    Set in a mining valley between high cliffs, the first view of the cove is quite dramatic. The impression you will get of Chapel Porth depends on when and at what tide you go there. At high tide the beach can become a somewhat…

  3. Portreath Beach

    Portreath Beach
    lifeguarded toilets beach cafe car park good surf

    A mostly sand with a little shingle beach set in a steep valley. To the western end of the beach are high cliffs and another smaller cove which is seperated by the high tide. There are a couple of interesting rocks just…