Mother Iveys Bay - surfing

Mother Ivey's Bay is home to Spot M, a well known wave among Cornish bodyboarders.

Spot M only works on the biggest of swells which wrap around the headland to slam into the beach forming a super heavy 'wedge'.

This is not a beginners wave and injuries are not unusual. However, neither are big barrels...

Surf report

Current surf conditions for Mother Iveys Bay (21st May)
Wave height * 1ft / 0.3m
Swell period 13s
Swell direction  °
Wind  ° 9mph / 14km/h
* Wave size is face height of set waves.

Also known as:

Polventon beach

Type of beach


Lifeguard service

No lifeguard cover


There is no parking at Mother Ivey's. The nearest car parks are at Harlyn Bay or Trevose Head, both of which are around a mile away.