Godrevy - surfing

Godrevey is the most exposed stretch of St Ives Bay. As a result it benefits by picking up the most swell but suffers from being affected most by the wind. It is fairly exposed to the wind and it is important that either the wind is very light or somewhere between south-south-east or due east else it's likely to be a bit ragged.

Given the right conditions the waves can be epic - long walling lefts and rights. It is also capable of holding a fair sized swell, up 8ft. However this doesn't mean you'll have an easy paddle out!

The break is at it's best on a low tide where it can produce a fast hollow wave. It does work through the tide but becomes increasingly slopey and bouncy.

Godrevey is quite well known for it's clean up sets that seem to come from nowhere and catch everybody out. The peak also moves around a fair bit which works both ways - you can spend all day chasing it around or alternatively sit and wait for the wave of the day to come and find you

For some reason the beach attracts weird forms of surf craft, i.e. canoes and goat boats!.

Surf report

Current surf conditions for Godrevy (21st May)
Wave height * 2ft / 0.5m
Swell period 12s
Swell direction  °
Wind  ° 10mph / 16km/h
* Wave size is face height of set waves.

Also known as:

Godrevey, Peter's Point

Type of beach


Lifeguard service

There is a summer lifeguard service located on Peter's Point from 19 May - 30 September


Godrevy is National Trust Property as is the ample car parking.