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    Seaton Beach is located at the foot of the wooded Hessenford valley on what is a relatively quiet stretch of the Cornish coast. The River Seaton meanders across the beach here and acts as a focal point for children who can safely play here. The water here is generally safe to swim in and the beach is quite sheltered from both waves and the wind by the high cliffs to the west.

    The beach is a mixture of grey pebbles and coarse sand, and whilst not the most appealing on the coast Seaton makes up for this with its many other charms. At either end the beach is bordered by flat rocks, which at as the tide drops reveal a number of rock pools. At low tide a fairly extensive area of flat sand is exposed and one can walk along the foreshore as far as Downderry to the East and the Looe beaches to the west. Even at high tide you can walk along the promenade to Downderry beach, or join the local fisherman casting off here for bass.

    Seaton Beach is managed by Cornwall Council and facilities have been invested in such as improved disabled access and a children's play park on the green behind the beach. In addition there is a large cafe, shop and toilets on the beach front.

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    Lifeguard service

    No lifeguard cover

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    Dogs allowed all year

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    Disabled access

    Level access to the beach


    PL11 3JQ

    OS grid ref.

    SX 3058 5426


    There is some roadside parking on the beach front, but it is limited and fills up quickly in the summer. There are three car parks all within a minutes walk from the beach.


    Marine Conservation Society Recommended

    Seaton Beach Reviews (11)

    Dog and child friendly!


    Jun 25th 2021

    A lovely beach with local pubs and good parking.
    Lifeguards in situ over summer months.
    Responsible dog owners who let their pooches enjoying the waves - I haven’t seen one owner ignore their dog’s doo-doo’s - because they are grateful of having a dog friendly beach all year long…plenty of poo bins provided.
    The children love the river which provides a safe haven for paddling away from the sea.
    A very friendly chilled atmosphere…a great example of a freindly, welcoming Cornish beach.

    Great Dog & Kids Beach

    Stacey Langford-Smith

    Jul 13th 2022

    Some of these anti-dog comments are ridiculous! We have visited with our 2 dogs numerous times. We tend to situate ourselves at the far right side of the beach and enjoy the pools with the kids and dogs! The kids love having the dogs with us. Our 2 Yorkshire Terriers are thrill seekers and love a good swim and they don’t intefere with other beach users unless approached for a fuss. We pick up any mess they make (rare they go on sand… because its just weird).

    We have come across many other dogs… all friendly, never any fights and all generally just enjoying the beach fun with their families. If you KNOW this beach is an all year round dog friendly beach… and you don’t like dogs… maybe go somewhere else? Plenty of other beaches you can be miserable on.

    5 star


    Dec 13th 2020

    Absolute stunning beach !! My children love it here ... very popular always busy and easy to get too

    Excellent Dog ???? friendly beach.


    Sep 18th 2021

    This is a lovely beach in a beautiful part of Cornwall with a lovely walk to Downderry along the beach at low tide. I have been coming here for years in all seasons with my 2 dogs and they absolutely love it. There’s always space to park and there is play areas for the children (away from the beach) with a lovely walk through the coves countryside alongside the lake. I have seen the complaints of ‘dog pooh’ everywhere, well I can assure readers that as far as I have seen every dog owner has picked up the pooh responsibley and used the bins provided. I opine these ‘complaints’  are from the usual ‘dog haters’ looking to get our loyal canine family members banned from everywhere. It is not golden sands but still an excellent enjoyable beach experience that I have used with my family even without my dogs during hot weather.

    Parking difficult

    Sep 08th 2021

    The beach was lovely, however trying to pay for parking was a nightmare. Doesn’t accept cash only the app or ring to pay. Tried to ring did everything they said but when they sent a text fir my car reg. It wouldn’t let me reply,  couldnt download the app as didn’t have internet access, a very kind lady let me use hers and she helped us poor pensioners get the app and pay for parking, it only took 1 hour out of our 2 hour visit. Then found when I got home the payment had been taken twice. Visitors beware.

    Dog friendly beach

    harry hayward

    Sep 08th 2023

    If you don’t like dogs, DO NOT COME TO THIS BEACH, you have the rest of Cornwall to go sit and be miserable. This is one of the only beaches left in cornwall where dogs are welcome all year round. If you do like dogs then for gods sake clear up any doggie mines your pooch may make and if your dog has limited recall keep it on the lead. My dog is an old grumpy man who likes to be left in peace, he is almost never on the lead as he never leaves our side, never approaches other dogs or kids. However if your dog comes up to him he will bare his teeth and will bark and snap at your dog. most kids are great these days and are polite and will ask to pet him and are respectful when we tell them he is not child friendly because he’s old and grumpy. most of us are very responsible owners but there are a few who think just letting their dog run riot because they are friendly lovely dogs is ok, IT ISN’T. if you do not have recall and control DO NOT let it loose on a public beach.

    Improve the dog owners attitude

    Frequent local visitor

    Aug 17th 2023

    Visit this beach and nature walk all year round and frequently and comments are based on experience.. During the winter months it is great, but that’s because of the scarcity of people and dogs. We find dog mess frequently both on the beach and in the grass areas between the car parks and beach where the assumption is it will ‘disappear’ miraculously. In the the summer you can, on a hot day, often smell the dog mess on the nature walk despite a wide range of natural scents and odours
    . Perhaps the worst are the owners who have an assumption that everyone loves dogs and them ‘playing’ which includes rushing up to children or mindlessly ploughing through where people are sitting or laying! We have children with us who fear dogs and an owner saying ‘it’s alright he/she won’t hurt you’ is going to make no difference…if you can’t vocally control them then put them on a lead. I’m not averse to dogs but the owners need to understand other viewpoints and their responsibilities. If you do not fall into this category of owner …thank you it is much appreciated.

    Jun 30th 2021

    Dogs everywhere im local got 2 children the younger 1 has been knocked over 4 times this here so far dog poo everywhere

    Dog problem

    Sep 07th 2021

    It would be good if dogs could be banned. Dog poo disgusting. Shame.

    Is this what you really came to Cornwall for?

    Local Larry, the King of Pasties

    Sep 08th 2021

    If you’re after a beach with soft golden sands where you can enjoy a lazy walk on a hot summer’s day, this is not it.
    If you’re after a beach where you can set up with the family for a quiet picnic on the sand and let time pass peacefully, this is not it.
    If you’re after a beach where the kids can play safely in the sand or water as you relax in the sunshine, this is not it.
    If you’re after a beach where there is ample parking and amenities for a day by the seaside, this is not it.
    If you want a beach that is blighted by dogs and their owners, this is it.
    Why bother coming here, when Downderry is just down the road (no parking there either though)

    Massively Overrated


    Aug 23rd 2020

    Now I don’t have a problem with dogs on beaches - but don’t sell this as a child friendly offering. We watched on as some of the irresponsible owners just let there dog s*** and p*** everywhere.

    The whole beach experience was like a scene out of mad max, just a dirty beach and don’t be fooled otherwise by the ratings. Go see and make your own mind up.

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