Beaches on St Marys

Map featuring St Marys beaches. Click on pins to view beach details

Looking for a beach near me? The Cornwall Beaches guide has 9 listed on the Scilly Isles island of St Marys to choose from.

  • Old Town Bay

    Old Town Bay

    A pleasant crescent of sand just far enough off the beaten track to nearly always be quiet. The beach…

  • Pelistry Bay

    Pelistry Bay

    Situated on the more remote eastern shore of St Mary's, Pelistry offers a wonderful get away spot. You…

  • Porth Arlo Beach

    Porth Arlo Beach

    Tucked away behind the granite quay of St Mary's harbour, you could say Porth Arlo is hidden in plain…

  • Porth Hellick Beach

    Porth Hellick Beach

    Compared to many of the other beaches on the Scillies, Porth Hellick may appear a a little uninspiring.…

  • Porthcressa Beach

    Porthcressa Beach

    Porthcressa beach is a beautiful sandy beach located on the southern side of the Scilly Isles 'capital',…

  • Porthloo Beach

    Porthloo Beach

    Porthloo is a west facing beach on the main Scilly island of St Mary's. It is around 10 to 15 minutes…

  • Porthmellon Beach

    Porthmellon Beach

    If you want to stay near Hugh Town, Porthmellon is a good bet. Porthmellon (or Porth Mellon) is just…

  • Thomas' Porth Beach

    Thomas' Porth Beach

    Thomas' Porth, also known as Porth Thomas, is just east of Hugh Town. If you're just here for the day…

  • Town Beach

    Town Beach

    Hugh Town beach is the first site to greet most visitors to the Scilly Isles as they stop off the Scillonian…