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    Decent sized sandy beach which backs onto the grounds of Caerhays Castle and it's gardens. The beach is also part of the estate.

    The beach is fairly sheltered and swimming is relatively safe. There is also a ban on any kind of motorised water-craft to maintain peace and quiet.

    The beach here does appear in several guides (including this one) as a naturist beach. Whilst there does seem to be some evidence that it has been used by naturists there doesn't seem to currently be any clothes-free activity on the beach.

    Also known as:

    Caerhays Beach

    Type of beach


    Lifeguard service

    No lifeguard cover

    Dogs friendly beach?

    Dogs allowed all year

    dog friendly beaches »

    Nudist/naturist beach


    Disabled access

    Easy, level access from the car park behind the beach. Plenty of facilities


    PL26 6LY

    OS grid ref.

    SW 9750 4126


    Small shop and toilets


    Large car park directly behind he beach. Also there is parking for visitors to Caerhays Castle nearby.

    Porthluney Cove Reviews (28)

    Amazing place, terrible scammy car park


    Nov 15th 2021

    Do yourself a favour and just park along the road somewhere if you can. Like most of the other negative reviews here I was stung by parking. Turned up and tried to pay multiple times but kept getting a ‘No Charge Parking Period’ message onscreen plus couldn’t input my reg or put in and money. I took a picture and appealed but they still want the £.

    Amazing beach, but the only way I’ll return is to walk in along the cliffs. Sad really because that’s another customer lost to Caerhays and the cafes all because of the scammy parking.

    Avoid or get ripped off


    Jun 13th 2021

    My family and I got parking fines even though we’d paid.
    Then we were told they were cancelled only to get enforcement letters from a debt recovery service weeks later!!!!!!!!
    No decent apologies or help from the estate to resolve it.
    Go elsewhere

    Greed ruined amazing location.


    Oct 18th 2020

    Criminal that a beautiful location has been ruined by the greed of the wealthy landowners. A sad recent trend of a few selfish people destroying the enjoyment of our lovely coast and country for us all. We will not be visiting Caerhays Castle when it opens again, due the their selfish behaviour installing parking meters on coastline. We don’t object to pay to park, we object to timed tickets and cameras.



    Sep 11th 2020

    Having spent 40 years visiting this beach as a local I am appalled at the recently installed parking arrangements.
    Gone is the friendly smiling local collecting money from a hut (she’s not happy about being made redundant) to make way for stacks of signage cover cameras and slot machines. Totally out of place, a blot on the landscape. Furthermore I dutifully paid for 3 hours and left after 2. I have now recieved a fine of £60 for breaching contract terms. No specific details and the blurry picture of our van shows the white smudge of the ticket on the dash board.  What is Cornwall being dragged into?

    Depressing greed


    Aug 02nd 2021

    So, like almost everyone else writing here we’ve incurred a parking fine for a brief walk on the beach, after spending money at the cafe. It isn’t at all clear e.g. if you stay for 1 he 29 minutes you need to pay for that whole period, not deduct the free 30 mins and therefore pay for an hour. Also, the machine is fiddly if you haven’t used a similar one before and it’s easy to make an error. I love Cornwall but these charges are really extreme and holiday spoiling. Is the modest profit worth the loss of goodwill??

    Jul 21st 2021

    Beware….it says on this site parking is free from 5pm - 8pm…..IT ISN’T!!
    On the sign by the payment machine you must pay from 7am until 9pm

    Parking Porth Luney

    Jun 30th 2021

    We have been coming to Cornwall for years and came upon Porth Luney Beach 3 years ago, which we loved.

    With the weather being really good this year we visited this beach a number of times during our fortnight stay which equated to around £40 in car park fees.
    This was in addition to purchasing drinks and ice creams from the cafe everytime we visited.

    You can therefore understand our annoyance to have received 3 parking fines when we returned home. The notices by the machines state that parking is free for the first half an hour and then you purchase additional hours which we did.  No where did it state that you are charged for parking immediately you enter the car park right up to you exiting rather than the time when you purchase the ticket and the expiry time indicated on your ticket. 

    To add to my annoyance, upon visiting the beach the first Sunday we got there we paid for 4 hours parking only to approach the machine a short while later to see that a type written note had been attached to the machine stating that car parking on that day was free and patrons could give a small donation to the local hospice.  We tried to find someone to ask for a refund but there was no one to assist us.  The note should have been put on the machine as soon as the car park was opened rather than an hour or so later.  There were other people in the car park who had had the same experience as us.

    I have therefore written to Initial Parking to request a refund but have not yet had the courtesy of a reply.  It seems that they are very prompt in issuing fines but not so responsive in offering refunds.

    Please note we have never been issued with a parking ticket in all the years we have visited Cornwall as we abide by the rules.  I feel really strongly about this I need to write this review to warn other people.


    Disgusting greedy carpark charges

    Alfie Trethewey

    Jan 24th 2021

    Disgusting parking situation been going to Carhaeys for near seventy years looked on google says no parking fee after 5pm arrived 5.47pm fished for 3hrs two weeks later parking fine for £60 when I checked the board earlier today the times are different and what made me even more disgusted is the fact they are charging blue badge holders I,ve supported the Estate for 50years and worked on the estate grounds but no more support from me for these robbing so and so not even as if they,ve repaired the carpark

    Stay away

    A Local Lad

    Jan 16th 2021

    Been coming here for 15+ YEARS and the other day I left the carpark and tlreturned 5 minutes later and I have recieved 2 parking notices, like most others I know, I will be boycotting this beach truly sad..



    Nov 26th 2020

    As a local have spent 20 years visiting this beach. I am lost for words at the recently installed parking arrangements.
    I have recieved a fine of £100 for breaching contract terms.
    I appealed, but it was refuesed as it stated I had overstayed by 3 minutes 31 seconds ! !  The start time is taken by the camera at the point on entry, not the time printed on the parking ticket.  The exit time is then taken by the camera as you leave. So if you do choose to use this car park. Be warned and be careful.

    Aug 16th 2020

    Lovely spot as it’s always been summer/winter.
    It “was” one of those places you felt you could just turn up as a local or a visitor for short duration evenings/ out of season and it was free of any monetary charge but unfortunately the introduction of the dreaded NPR cameras has now ruined the atmosphere of a piece of countryside that you cannot visit freely without paying to park a vehicle. It just adds to the gradual urbanisation of Cornwall.☹️

    Car parking

    Aug 15th 2020

    Beware! car parking is now collected by a third party and I’ve Just received a £100 parking fine in the post for their new parking meter system, luckily I have evidence that I paid but still have the hassle of fighting.



    May 04th 2023

    Perfect for families a beautiful cove

    Car Parking

    Sep 02nd 2021

    Been paying to park here for 41 years. Beware the new ANPR system is faulty !. I have had the ticket machine say it is free and assumes I have been there less than half an hour when I have been there 3 hours. I have also paid the requested fee before leaving and still been issued a Parking Charge Notice for not paying despite having the ticket that says fee paid !.
    This will be giving the Caerhays Estate a bad name.

    Beware the car park fees


    Aug 31st 2021

    Great beach and lovely location, however…...

    Be aware of the car park tariff’s - the machines and signs are not so clear - just make sure youve paid for the correct amount of time before leaving.
    Weve been issued a £60 fine after been a few mins over our time :-(

    Carpark Fines

    Aug 05th 2021

    First time I had been Caerhays beach for many years. Took my disabled son, as I thought it would be easier for him to access the beach.

    Although I paid for a car park ticket for myself, I read the sign wrong and did not put a ticket on his car.

    Sign read “These tariffs do apply to blue badge holders. In a hurry, due to a queue behind me to pay, I read it as do not. So duly displayed his blue badge.

    Not sure why they put the “do” in the signage as would make better sense without the “do”  or change the “do” to also.

    Well I am now £60 out of pocket, for giving my disabled son a day at the beach.

    Will never go to this beach again. Suggest everyone boycotts it, as from all the comments it seems they will try any which way to rip you off.

    Beach lovely shame about the car park pirates


    Jul 30th 2021

    Visited last Friday evening got there about 2005hrs read the notice tariffs apply 7am to 9pm first ½hr free so pay an extra 1hr to take me until half nine ish past the tariff applicable times I left a 2200hrs taking note of the no overnight parking. I have now been slapped with a £100 fine reduced to £60 if payed in a time limit. I appealed but have been told it stands as you must pay for the whole time of your stay. I even apologised for the misunderstanding and offered to pay the extra parking even if they upheld my appeal and admitted their signs were confusing.

    Park here at your peril!

    Ripped Off

    May 22nd 2021

    We parked here to start a walk along the coast path. The place was empty. Guide book said allow 3 hours. As the first 30 minutes is free we paid for an additional 3hours, so no problem. Unless of course you take slightly longer, and then need to go for a pee, before returning to car. We could see that we hadn’t receive a paper notice for an overstay on the windscreen, therefore took our time changing from walking gear etc. before leaving. Thanks Caerhays for the £100 penalty notice in the post for a less than 30minute overstay. Won’t be visiting you again.


    Local mum

    May 06th 2021

    I’m very local I parked for a quick walk before picking the kids up from the local school, there were 3 other cars in the entire place, returned to the car within the 30 min time slot, decided to have a quick wee before we left and slapped with a 60 pound fine. I objected politely and was turned down. Disgraceful. Another local family that won’t be back.



    Mar 13th 2021

    Went to this beautiful spot after being in lockdown for months, had a flask of tea & a bite to eat and looked at the sea to make us feel better only to receive a parking ticket a week or so later, absolutely disgusted and will definitely not be going back there again.

    Lovely beach spoiled by greed


    Jan 07th 2021

    Have just today received a £60 parking fine for 20minutes over. Do the owners read all the negative reviews warning others to stay away due to excessive parking charges and consider how much real money its costing them. Appreciate need for parking charges to improve area conditions (not that there appears any to have been spent here)...we will not return like so many others posting objections.

    Parking charges

    K Partis

    Dec 30th 2020

    We appreciate the need to charge for parking in Porth lunny car park in order to help cover cost of maintenance of this area on the estate !
    However I do feel the approach has not been very considered and lead to many visitors and locals feeling upset and disappointed.
    A first offence could be met with a standard letter pointing out the new regulations, thereby gaining support for the new parking scheme rather than alienating everyone!

    Stay away

    Sep 07th 2020

    Terrible place .  was ripped off with a £100   parking fine .  we looked at the beach from the carpark ,was there 5 minutes went nextdoor to the cafe spent £40 on food , when we got home from our holiday guess what a fine through the door , i appealed against it but they was not interested .  go elsewere be warned   never again . rip off merchants making money for nothing , sad people about .

    Beware parking cameras and £100 fine

    Aug 27th 2020

    The new parking camera system in the car park will issue a fine if you overstay. Just received £100 fine as overstayed my parking by 15 minutes.  Make sure you purchase another ticket to prevent fine and prevent this horrible company taking your hard earnt money.

    Lovely beach.

    Car parking fine , no clear notices


    Aug 24th 2020

    Received a letter with 60 quid fine notice from a car parking company despite having no prior warning of 24 he surveillance or any place to pay. Bit harsh, will be challenged

    Stay away

    Thomas Rashleigh

    Apr 26th 2021

    Area ruined by CCTV.
    Do not pay for parking here and go somewhere else.
    There are plenty of other places that are worth paying to park that have local staff on the gates.
    Only gave one star because you have to.there is also room on the unclassified road to park so do use the rubbish bins here and park for free.



    Apr 10th 2021

    Plenty of space in the car park now the chancers don’t park there any more.

    Beware of parking fines

    Sep 16th 2020

    Have not visited in a while, was disappointed that I received a £60 parking fine for going over the time by a few minutes. I was not aware of the cameras and they do not allow for the time it takes you to purchase the ticket. Your stay is timed from when you enter and leave the car park. Total disappointment, ruined a nice day out.

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