Porthemmet Beach

Porthemmet Beach

Completely fictitious beach located on the Mediterranean coast of Cornwall!

"Situated in north Cornwall, Porthemmet is the largest beach in the county. Due to an influx from the Gulf Stream, Porthemmet has very warm waters and looks more like a tropical paradise than a beach in the UK"

The name is derived from the Cornish words porth and emmet and translates as porth of the emmet!

For more info head to the Porthemmet Beach official website

Type of beach


Lifeguard service

The original cast of Bay Watch still work here!

Dogs friendly beach?

Dogs allowed (but only nice ones)

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OS grid ref.

SW 7452 6205


Nanny Ogg's Pasty Shop serves a mean pasty and rumor has it Rick Stein and Jamie Oliver are opening a beach cafe here

Porthemmet Beach Reviews

Ok for Curdles (my insulting name for Cornish folk!)

Joe Northern
Nov 05th 2021

You lot stay down there, us northerners will stay up here & spend our money locally. You think you’re so smart taking the piss, your only form of income is from tourism. I would love to see how you inbreds cope if “normal people” stayed away!

Oct 04th 2021

Best beach bar none. Always sunny and warm, never rains and the welcome is to die for, as is the surf. Never any wind either. Very easy to find, the directions and maps are great. Love the fact that nudists are welcome, so educational for the children.
Do not miss this beach!

Gurt lush!

Jethro Tool
Mar 05th 2021

So luvvy that I wrote a song about it!

Great fishing

tim newcombe
Jan 21st 2021

Have had some of the best catches here from Cod, Turbot and Tope.
Fish low tide in use blow lug

Amazing beach

Sep 14th 2020

Perfect for visitors, free Kelly’s ice cream all day, great for kids and dogs

Simply the best

Aug 31st 2020

I’ve never heard anyone complaining about litter on the beach.

Nudist Paradise

Walter Wall
Aug 27th 2020

Best nudist beach in the country with miles of golden sand

Optical delusion.

Aug 27th 2020

Yous buggers ave been tellin fibs. It’s not real is it?