Cadgwith Cove Weather

Cadgwith Cove current weather (Thu Apr 25th 00:00)

Partly cloudy

(Partly cloudy)
8.1°C / 47°F

Sea temperature
11°C / 52°F

Wind NNW
9 mph / 14 km/h
Rain 0mm
Air pressure 1013.4 mb
Sunrise 06:10
Sunset 20:26
Current Cadgwith Cove weather

Cadgwith Cove UV index today

Cadgwith Cove UV index today
6am 9am 12pm 3pm 6pm
UV Index scale

A UV Index reading of 3 or more means some precautions should be taken. For more information visit our guide to the UV Index.

7 day tide forecast for Cadgwith Cove

  • Low 01:07am
  • High 07:01am
  • Low 01:22pm
  • High 07:18pm
  • Low 01:38am
  • High 07:33am
  • Low 01:52pm
  • High 07:48pm
  • Low 02:10am
  • High 08:03am
  • Low 02:23pm
  • High 08:17pm
  • Low 02:42am
  • High 08:33am
  • Low 02:55pm
  • High 08:44pm
  • Low 03:20am
  • High 09:05am
  • Low 03:34pm
  • High 09:19pm
  • Low 04:03am
  • High 09:50am
  • Low 04:20pm
  • High 10:13pm
  • Low 05:02am
  • High 10:57am
  • Low 05:28pm