Cornwall beaches accommodation

beach camping Whilst some of us are fortunate enough to live within striking distance of a number of Cornwall's beautiful beaches for the rest it means finding somewhere to stay. The good news is there are absolutely loads of great places to stay, and most are within minutes of the coast.

One of the best ways to be close to the beach is to find a campsite by the beach. There are lots of these all around the coast, many of which are listed in the previous link. Camping is a great option as it really does give you the whole beach holiday experience and despite the cliché, being at one with nature. Oh and it's cheap, well unless you fancy a spot of luxury in which case glamping might suit you.

The next best choice is probably self-catering. There are 1000's of Cornwall cottages and apartments dotted around the coast of Cornwall. Here the advantage is having all the creature comforts and being able to prepare your meals too.

If you really want to treat yourself then a hotel could be the answer. There are several upmarket hotels occupying prime beachside locations on some of the best beaches in Cornwall. Admittedly they aren't cheap and if, like most of us, you are on a budget then a bed and breakfast is a pretty good alternative.

So there you have it a form of accommodation by the beach to suit everyone's taste and budget!