Par Sands Beach

As the name suggests, Par Sands is a wide, sandy beach in Par, just outside St Austell. The-south facing beach is backed by low sand dunes through which there are many paths as well as a small lake.

In the summer the beach can be quite busy as there is a holiday park just over the dunes. It is quite large though so it never feels crowded.
The beach slopes fairly gently here meaning there it's ideal for paddling. However, there is no lifeguard service so care should be taken if swimming.

Depending on which way you look Par Sands beach can have lovely rural views or a contrastingly industrial view of the adjacent china clay works and Par docks.

With little shelter from the southwest it can feel a bit breezy - which is good news for kite-surfers.

Type of beach


Lifeguard service

No lifeguard cover

Dogs friendly beach?

Dogs allowed all year

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Disabled access

There is level access from the car park located right behind the beach


PL24 2AR

OS grid ref.

SX 0837 5304


Public toilets are a short walk behind the beach. Shop/café and pub close by.


At the rear of the beach

Par Sands Beach Reviews


Apr 29th 2022

What improvement. Main east car park now pothole free with tarmac tracks around site . Beach is as it’s always been - natural. If you don’t like seaweed why are you at the beach.

Par Sands beach

Aug 04th 2020

Nicely textured sand - not too fine so easy to wash off afterwards.

Unbelievable amount of seaweed where the water meets the beach - quite slimy and disgusting.

Pretty sights to the left of the beach, but a bit industrial on the harbour side.

Overall impression is “OK, but I wouldn’t specifically seek it out”.

Kids liked it, though.

May 16th 2020

Extortionate car park charge for a very uneven pothole filled area, very poor as to what it used to be, ruined my childhood memories when I returned

Very dog friendly

Dec 29th 2019

Beautiful and large beach.  Love that dogs are allowed access all year - a rarity in this part of the country (especially in emmet season).

Horrible beach

Madeleine Marina Mitchell
Aug 22nd 2019

full of rotting seaweed and bits of plastic.  Hated it.

Inclusive beach for all

Jul 28th 2019

An inclusive friendly beach for dog owners and children alike.  Good for swimming and evening dog walks.
Like most beaches there will always be those few people who don’t keep their dogs and children under control or take their litter away. Overall a great family beach.

Dogs lose owners no control

C Hilled
Jul 27th 2019

Just trying to eat lunch with dogs running loose with small children not ideal.
4 dogs 4 owners ...dogs running up so not ideal…better beaches for families with out pets. If you are hopeless controlling your dog you will fit in nicely.